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Military Spouse Scholarship – MYCAA

Candice Markham October 10, 2013 Comments Off on Military Spouse Scholarship – MYCAA
Military Spouse Scholarship – MYCAA

We would first like to say thank you to all the military troops and their military spouses (whether a military wife or a military husband) for supporting them in their hard work and dedication to the country.

It’s not easy to be a military spouse as they also experience frustrations at certain point with things they have to do in order to support their husband or wife in the military. This may include having to take care of the family alone and having to move a lot when their partners are relocated. A lot of spouses would love to further their own professional careers but with relocation problems, it gets difficult for them – their value (salary and position) may diminish every time they relocate and for start ups, finishing training and courses is difficult.

There would even be instances wherein military spouses would have to move to a new location where there are no career opportunities for them. They would have to start from scratch, learn new skills and start in a new career.

Being married to military personnel has its ups and downs and the military spouses know that but there are benefits to help them get through the long haul. Grants like MYCAA program is created to assist them in finishing their preferred course or training for a profession they desire. The Department of Defense offers the MYCAA program (Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts) that assists and allows military spouses in starting their very own career through training. Various online learning providers such as Meditec, are working with DOD to provide MYCAA benefits for the spouse’s education. Military spouses and reserve member are eligible for up to $4000 financial assistance. (To check your eligibility, please visit http://www.meditec.com/meditec-mycaa-program/)

The good thing with training providers such as Meditec is that they offer their training courses 100% online. You wouldn’t have to worry if you would have to move again because you can always finish the course anywhere and even anytime you want (training are self paced). They also provide “Internship Programs” and if you are eligible you will get the experience you need and will help you with your employment. (read more about their internship program here http://www.meditec.com/meditec-jumpstart-program/)


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