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Are You Up On The Full Range of Military Spouse Benefits?

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 02/23/2015 - 15:44
Are You Up On The Full Range of Military Spouse Benefits

The Wide Array of Military Marriage Benefits Did you know that regardless of which branch of the service your spouse is in, the military provides a major financial advantage for married couples? In fact, an enlisted person receives close to an additional $1,000.00 along with a few hundred dollars in base allotment simply for being married. We're not suggesting this advantage as a reason to get married, but military marriage benefits are not only helpful for expenses, they are also an important part of military life you should know about. These are benefits you and your family are entitled to. Military Spouse Orientation Program In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the best military benefits for spouses, it's a good idea to contact the Family Support Center for information as soon as you're settled into the base. Additionally, enrolling in the spouse orientation program will provide you with a great deal of useful information and an opportunity to meet new friends. To cite just a few examples of military spouse benefits— there are excellent recreation and educational programs that you're entitled to as a military spouse to help further your relaxation, academic and career goals. There is also a wide array of scholarships that are available if you wish to go back to school. Whether you're interested in education for the sake of learning, or to further your career goals, this is a tremendous opportunity. And, by the way, there is an increasing number of exciting contract and/or telecommute jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home. How hard would it be to wake up, enjoy a glass of fresh fruit juice, make coffee, and stroll to your home office in your pajamas? These types of jobs exist, and there are many full and part time opportunities for telecommute jobs. The level of expertise ranges from web design, web development, web application engineering, graphic design, and even online teaching positions for everything from English, Math, and Art Design. Amazingly enough, today there are many companies employing hundreds of people who all work remotely. Even companies such as Yahoo have hundreds of telecommute employees. Company and staff meetings are frequently held via conference calls and video conference calls. Tax Exempt Military Shopping Privileges It's definitely worth your while to learn about the tax exempt shopping privileges you can take advantage of on the base. These shopping benefits, which can easily save you 20 percent or more, are also available to surviving spouses, former spouses with dependent children, and disabled veterans. You are required to have the proper identification in order to shop on the base. Application procedures should be covered in the orientation sessions. Military Health and Life Insurance Benefits One very important aspect of military life is that you are entitled to health insurance gives you financial assistance and peace of mind. Other things you should make it a point to learn about are veteran benefits and retirement benefits covering every aspect of military service.