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School Is Back: How to Maximize Your Online Education

Mitzi C. Graham September 4, 2014 Comments Off on School Is Back: How to Maximize Your Online Education

Going Back to School TipsAre you thinking of going back to school? Most adults would find it challenging to study again, especially with all the other ‘adult’ responsibilities and duties at hand. Plus, add to it the stress of daily commute, dealing with traffic and taking days off of work to give way to school work, yup—going back to school is quite a bit of a challenge. However, with the advent of technology, going back to school is no longer this demanding. Thanks to online learning!

Online education is a good option for people looking to get a degree or finish a career training program without making any huge sacrifices. Young parents, military spouses, and even folks with multiple jobs have looked into online learning to help them earn a degree and get started on their careers. This style of learning is flexible but challenging. We decided to put together a few tips to help you go through your online education.

1.   Create a schedule. Creating a schedule is one of the best ways to keep your elearning life in check. For military spouses and other stay at home parents, this can be an excellent way to separate their daily tasks from their education. Whether they are stationed at their first base or get handed over their PCS orders, sticking to a schedule will keep a level of normalcy intact. Establish a daily routine and don’t be afraid to tweak it to make sure that you get things done in a timely fashion. Many people, without structure, will naturally procrastinate which will cause assignments to pile up while their grade suffers.

2.   Share chores with other students. If you’re a parent who wants to go back to school, but also needs to take care of a child, there are ways to balance your duties. If you are enrolled in online courses via a brick and mortar school, then you can probably find other students that have the same situation as you. Connect with them to share chores and duties. If you meet another trusted student or friend that is willing to watch your child for a few hours, then you can use that time to focus on your work. It’s amazing how much easier writing an essay gets when a toddler isn’t constantly tugging on your shirt!

3.   Create A study space. When it comes time to doing online school work, many people do not know how to untangle themselves from their day to day life. A lot of time is wasted doing mundane daily activities such as channel surfing and poking around on Facebook. A nifty way to change your mindset and set your pace is to designate yourself an office or study area to do school work. When you enter into that space, it’s all about focus. It won’t be exactly like a classroom but it will go a long way toward helping your mindset.

4.   Start out part time. Computers are so prevalent in our day to day lives that the thought of online classes seems easy. The truth is that they are much more time-consuming and difficult as they seem to be. Rather than setting yourself up for failure, especially if you have many other duties and responsibilities, start small, set your pace and take it from there. Enroll for only two or three classes in your first semester and get a feel of what works for you. Once you have set your routine and created a schedule that fits your lifestyle, you can push forward and get a full schedule in the next semester.

With school right around the corner, it is time to brush up on what it will take to make your online classes work for you. Keep these tips in mind when you start your classes at Meditec.

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