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Making Friends: Tips for Military Spouses

Mitzi C. Graham March 12, 2015 Comments Off on Making Friends: Tips for Military Spouses

How to Make Friends and Join Military Spouse CommunitiesBeing a military spouse can be part of an exciting life. You can experience different things such as traveling extensively to different areas of the United States and even going overseas where you can immerse yourself in other cultures. While this aspect of military life is exciting, it can make looking for friends to hang out with on a regular basis challenging at times. Here are some tips on how to cope and make the most of being always on the go:

Find Other Parents

One of the best friendship tips for military spouses involves your children. If you have children, you have an instant way to make friends. A fantastic way to find new friends for both you and your child is to get involved in the events and activities offered within your area. You and your children can enjoy activities such as festivals or family days at area cultural centers.

Make Use of the Community Centers

Many military bases have at least one community center. These hubs of military life are the ideal place to find new friends. Community centers have gyms with workout facilities and saunas, and large meeting rooms where a variety of activities can be planned and undertaken. These community centers are only one of the many military spouse benefits that are available to you.

Attend College Classes

Make the most of scholarships available for military spouses. Going back to school can help you meet people who have similar interests. Not only can these types of classes expand your brain, they can also widen your social circle and help you make friends.

Save Money While You Make Friends

Making new friends when you move around so much does not have to be an expensive option. If you are like many military families, you need to watch your budget and stretch it as far as you possibly can. Fortunately, there are a number of places that offer military discounts, including free stuff for military spouses or bargain deals.

One suggestion is for you to tap into the local military group online and suggest a place or activity that allows you to meet up with other military spouses. Chances are you will instantly earn bonus points if that activity or place offers discounts for military members and their spouses.

These get together tips for military spouses can help you settle into a new community more quickly and make new friends who will become like your family during your stay.

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