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Study When You Want

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 10/13/2014 - 14:46
Study When You Want

How good is your attention span? Because that is the * asterisk in the title above.   We know that taking your education online is appealing because of the flexibility to study whenever you want. However, this requires the student to stay focused in school, usually by concentrating on a goal that is immediately achievable. It is the stuff of life—being able to stay focused to achieve a goal. Improving your career through e-learning courses is no different. Maintaining focus depends on the nature of our attention span and our energy levels. A person also needs to be present in the moment where action needs to be taken. Here are some common tools that have been developed to help ride the “wave” of focus and to help find some balance to achieve education goals.

  1. Use your community. If you are adjusting to a new study schedule, it can be tough to figure out which obstacles to remove so that you can be successful. Ask your friends and family to help you out, perhaps by giving you a quiet room to study, or taking on a task or errand for you so you are free to do your work. Let those around you know what you are doing so they can help you out.
  2. Know what time of day you can focus best. This usually depends on your sleep schedule. Feel free to experiment with new times and see if you can carve some productive time out for yourself.
  3. Be prepared. Set up your environment and yourself for success with some visual aids. Make sure the place where you are studying is arranged and organized in a way that makes you comfortable but able to work. Wear clothes as if you were preparing for work, getting dressed nicely gets you in the spirit of taking your time seriously. Have a snack ready to keep your energy levels up.
  4. Finally, try and follow up regularly with your teacher for a “big picture” assessment of how you are doing. Keeping an eye on where you are at in your education helps renew your concentration because of the results and progress you are seeing. It’s also great that you have someone you can talk to about your program to help you stay engaged.

Make these tips a habit to help you manage your focus so that you can complete your online courses.