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Katie Blank | Meditec Student Testimonial

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 09/08/2014 - 20:30

Today we have another Meditec Student Testimonial heading your way, this time from Pharmacy Technician student Katie Blank, who completed the program while stationed in Ramstein Germany with a baby on the way! Watch the video above or read the interview below to hear her thoughts on what sets Meditec and our career training programs apart. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to hear more from our students!

Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself

I'm Katie Blank. I'm a military spouse and we are stationed at Ramstein, Germany. I took the Pharmacy Technician program with Meditec.

What Motivated You to Continue Your Education?

So I wanted to continue my education. I started college in the states and didn't get to finish it because we moved to Germany. So I wanted to make sure I had something that I could start a career off of, once we did get back to the states. I thought that that might be something that I'd be interested in. I really enjoy like math and science, so I wanted something that would hold my interest instead of just like paperwork or something like that. So at the beginning of the program I felt really comfortable with it.

What Has Stood Out to You the Most about Meditec?

I was really excited that I had actual textbooks that I could read, that I could highlight, go through, take my notes. I just felt really comfortable that it was going to be a great program and I would be able to get all the information that I needed out of it. When I was having trouble, I could email Carrie and she would help me step-by-step get the answer that I was looking for when I didn't understand. That was really helpful for me and my review.

Would You Recommend Meditec to Others?

I would recommend this program. I actually already have recommended this to one of my friends. It took 6 months and I already have a certification and a licensing under my belt. You do it on your own time, so it's totally could be for anyone. And clearly I have a newborn. She's talking; trying to get on the internet. I did this program while being extremely tired and exhausted and pregnant, so definitely doable!

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