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Kat DeLallo | Meditec Student Testimonial

Submitted by Meditec on Tue, 09/23/2014 - 22:26

Medical Transcription Instructor Audrey Kirchner joined us today to share an amazing testimonial from her student Kat DeLallo.  Watch the video above or read the interview below to hear her thoughts on what sets Meditec and our career training programs apart. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to hear more from our students!

From Kat DeLallo

"I started Meditec in April of 2013, and was constantly impressed at the incredible assistance I received from everyone who worked there. No matter how silly my questions sounded, there was always someone there to answer me and reassure me whenever I doubted myself.  Meditec starts you out with basics of medical etymology and "word-building" and provides knowledgeable instructors to assist you in the actual transcription portion of the program. There is also an opportunity for students to apply for internships, depending on their score on graduating. I was lucky enough to graduate and receive almost immediate placement with a company.  It is a three- to four-month internship, and it is amazing to see how you improve while working on real transcripts under real turnaround times and with instructors available when you need them. Even in this portion of internship, I still receive emails from my Meditec instructor as she reaches out with job opportunities for me to pursue after I've completed internship. I believe Meditec is a very thorough company.  It was very easy to transition from them to an actual transcription job.  I heartily recommend them." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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