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7 IT Jobs that Bring in the Money

Sandy October 2, 2013 Comments Off on 7 IT Jobs that Bring in the Money
7 IT Jobs that Bring in the Money

Information technology has proven to be a recession-proof industry in recent years. And it continues to be.

The US Department of Labor forecasts that employment opportunities in the said industry are expected to grow by 19 percent from here on to 2020. Indeed.com meanwhile reports that IT professionals are raking in $89,000 annually.

Here’s a list of IT jobs that bring in the money for IT professionals. We’ve narrowed down this list from several sources, from Forbes.com to career enhancement websites. Let’s get to the list, shall we:

1. Software Developers

Software developers design and test novel software. Ranking first on Forbes.com’s list, 70,872 positions have been added to this career since 2010—a 7 percent growth.

2. Computer System Analyst

No.4 on Forbes.com’s list are computer systems analysts. 26,937 jobs have been added to this career field since 2010. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer system analysts earned an average median salary of $78,770 in 2011. 10 percent of the top earners that year made $120,060, while the lowest-paid (read: lowest-paid) made $49,370.  Most of the high-earners belong to the mining, oil and gas, and scientific research and development fields.

3. Network and Computer System Administrators

Ranking sixth on Forbes list are Network and Computer Systems Administrators. Since 2010, over 18,626 jobs have been added to the industry, translating to a five percent growth in job outlook. These professionals are responsible for ensuring the integrity and function of an organization’s networking system. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, network and computer system administrators earn a median average annual salary of $69,160 yearly or 33.25 percent per hour. Job outlook is faster than average at 28 percent; and an estimated 96,600 jobs will be added to the profession by 2020.

4.  IT Consultant

IT consultants rank number 13 on CNN’s list of Best Jobs in America. With a salary of $96,400, IT consultants shoulder a number of responsibilities at a firm, ranging from troubleshooting support to system research and design—mostly esoteric things that lower ranking IT professionals may not understand. IT consultants are in demand, according to CNN, because every business needs them to implement the cheapest IT system for their operations.

5. Cloud architect

Cloud architects earn $112,000, making them one of the highest earners in the technology industry. Oracle ACE Director Ron Batra defines the job scope of cloud architects as product specialists-cum-public cloud architects. “Depending upon what you’re offering in a public cloud, you could say that I have an assembly line and I’m producing axles and I’m going to be the best axle manufacturer, and you have to OEM me out and then join the axle to the rest of the car. Or you could say that I have a full-fledged factory. You come in with nothing and you walk out with a car. So the concepts are very similar. It depends to some degree on the context of a public cloud provider, the offerings, the methodologies that you implement to take a product to market,” he said.

6. Web Developers

Web developers basically create websites, which make use of specialized coding languages, software and applications. Web developers earn around $90,000 a year, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. A background in IT can get help get you started for this position, although not that necessary.

7. Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers develop the apps on your mobile devices. Mobile use is forecasted to exceed personal computer use sometime this year and as a result, companies are expected to hire more IT professionals in the field. Mobile app developers rake in $90,000 and have high prospects of employment.

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