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How Much Can You Save with Meditec’s Programs?

Submitted by Meditec on Wed, 10/23/2013 - 22:29
How Much Can You Save with Meditec’s Programs

Saving up on course fees is a primary goal of professionals who are looking into transitioning into the allied health care field. The same goes for professionals who would like to start a portable career at home but need the background for it. Unfortunately, some course providers and e-learning companies are keener on siphoning money out of their customers than providing them with quality education. These companies may be, without a doubt, providing quality education to their clients—it’s just that they charge a lot for their services. Meditec’s courses cost around a thousand dollars or less, on average. Some of our courses however may cost up to over $2,000 a year like our medical transcription training and paralegal packages. The rates may sound a bit expensive, but they actually are standard industry prices. Enroll in a transcription course for less than $500, and that course is probably a scam. Due to business and legal ethics, we will be refraining from throwing businesses under the bus. We simply cannot tell you outright which company to avoid like the plague. Instead, we’ll help you put things in perspective by giving general examples on how you could make most of your hard-earned money more with our training programs. Membership Fees Special prices are available to members of some transcription, coding and billing associations for workers but at a cost. Although members can enroll in courses at discounted costs, they may have to pay a couple of hundred dollars yearly to keep their membership current. Maintain your membership for, let’s say, five years, at a hundred dollars per year, and you’ve already spent 500 in membership fees alone. How’s that for saving? Cost Per Credit/Unit You would be amazed at how much some companies charge for their courses per credit hour or unit. For our research, we’ve come across one company that charges $300 or so dollars for a course credit! And while the company offers discounts, it would only cut down tuition fee costs by 20 to 40 percent. Imagine our horror when we calculated the total for a course package consisting of 30 plus credits. How the Above Costs Translate to Your Everyday Life Gallup Research, a research and strategic business consultancy with branches in Europe and Asia Pacific, estimates that the average American spends $151 weekly on food. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s analysis, the average American consumer unit, which constitute three people (i.e. a couple and their kid), spend around $16, 920 on housing and $8,758 on transportation in 2007. J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly, who do not agree with the previous statistics, shares that on average, he spends $400 on clothing the whole year, while he has spent $700 on books alone. Considering these examples, do you have an idea now of how much you should be spending on education, and how much you should be saving for food and other things or services? Are you overspending on e-learning? Meditec has been in the business of providing top-notch training for allied health care professionals since the 1960s. We have a proven track record in proving quality online training that is easy on the budget and nationally recognized by employers. Check with our consultants to know more about your financing options.