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A Happy Thanksgiving to All from the Meditec Team

Submitted by Meditec on Thu, 11/28/2013 - 12:15

Thanksgiving is more than a special day on our calendar. It marks a feast, another great year that has passed and yet to come, another day to celebrate our failures and mistakes, blessings and new beginnings. So before we get ready for our turkey and all the trimmings, we at Meditec, would like to take this special opportunity to thank you. Thank you for taking time to visit our website every now and then, for sharing your academic journeys with us and for patronizing our courses. Thank you for learning with us. Another thing: as some of you may know, our troops are close to our hearts since we cater our services to some of them, and their spouses. Inspired by a heartwarming message by retired US Air Force Officer and Writer Dorian de Wind on Huffington Post, we also encourage our readers to invite local military men or women in your area to join you and your family in celebrating Thanksgiving. As Dorian noted, many military personnel out there will be spending Thanksgiving away from their family, it will mean a lot to them if you take time to invite them to your home and share a home-cooked meal with them. We also want to ask you to take the time to say thank you to friends and families in the healthcare field. These professionals are everyday heroes who save lives and ensure the seamless flow and exchange of healthcare services for patients across the country. Don’t forget to thank them. Again, this Thanksgiving, let us extend all our good wishes and gratitude to those who silently work for our better future. Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone!