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Military Spouses, Good Deals, Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Mitzi C. Graham November 26, 2014 1

The holidays are looming, which means you need to think about the good deals you want to scout out and grab for your family. If you aren’t going home for Christmas, you’ll need to shop early enough so that what you order and buy will be shipped to your loved ones on time. If you and your spouse are stationed far away from home, you’ll have to order gifts and have them shipped as soon as possible.

Cyber Monday

On Cyber Monday, you don’t have to get dressed and leave the house to go shopping. Instead, you can stay in your comfy clothes and go online, where you’ll be able to browse several electronic gift deals.

CyberMonday, the website, is loaded with featured deals from well-known stores. If you can’t make it to your favorite stores, you’ll still be able to find something to give and have them shipped to family and friends.


Black Friday ShGetting the Most Out of Holidays This Decemberopping

Let’s say you’re up for braving the cold and all those crowds. If so, do your homework ahead of Black Friday and even Thanksgiving Day. Print out the ads from stores like Kmart, Michaels, Sears and Yankee Candle so you’re ready to score those great deals!

You’ll find several of these deals on the Hip2Save website. Do you have a favorite uncle who loves getting tools for Christmas? You’re in luck! ACE Hardware will be participating in Black Friday deals, as will Harbor Freight Tools. If you know someone who’s been hankering for a new pair of running shoes, Sports Authority is your go-to place.

As you start planning for your shopping expedition, don’t forget to do your recon for the best deals. Hip2Save collects current ads and posts links, making it easy for you to scout them out.

Your Military Exchange

Don’t overlook your post/base exchange or your commissary. They get involved in holiday shopping and deals, too.

Can’t find that special gift in your exchange? All is not lost. Get online with the Online Military Exchanges, where you’ll be able to snag that special gift. Be sure to look for free shipping. All military services, including the Coast Guard and the Veterans Canteen Service participate, so you can as well.

A Few Precautionary Tips

As you fly out the door, purse and credit cards trailing behind you, don’t forget to take your common sense along for your trip. When you see a great deal, make sure it’s really a good deal for you and not the store.

Just because something is being sold on Black Friday doesn’t mean you’re getting the lowest price – jewelry prices go higher during the holidays, according to Veterans United. Toy prices fall when school starts. If you’re buying a kitchen appliance, you’re going to find a great deal because these prices fall right before Christmas. Televisions are the least expensive before fall begins, when stores are updating their inventory.

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