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Welcome Fall with These Frugal Decorating Tips

Submitted by Meditec on Thu, 10/02/2014 - 19:45
Welcome Fall with These Frugal Decorating Tips

The shifting of the seasons from the long, hot, busy days of summer to the crisp to the cool weather of fall signals a welcome change for many. It’s that time of the year to decorate our homes again. With these DIY home decorating tips, you can enjoy a home that is bursting with the scents and sights of autumn. Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere Many people associate pumpkins with fall. (Hello, Halloween!) Pumpkins, along with other types of squash such as gourds, are also harvested during this season. The bountiful supply of these vegetables means they are a fairly frugal purchase. Looking to decorate your porch with pumpkins? Try using pumpkins in various sizes to form a stack. Place a large pumpkin on the bottom as a base with increasingly smaller pumpkins stacked on top. Three or four pumpkins placed upon one another on either side of your front door create a festive entryway to your home. Wreaths Galore Wreaths are a versatile, fun and frugal way to decorate your home for the fall. One element of wreaths that makes them particularly appealing is that they are equally at home as an indoor decoration as they are hanging on your front door. A few of ideas to get you started are below:

  • Corn Cob Wreath

With the plethora of colorful corn on the cob available at this time of the year, you can easily string several ears that have been broken into thirds together in a circle with some bendable wire. Add some brightly colored ribbon and a few smaller corn cobs to complete this project.

  • Foam Wreath

A basic foam wreath is perfect to use as a base. You can use pine cones or coffee filters along with a trusty hot glue gun, ribbon, faux leaves or flowers to make a simple yet cheerful fall decoration. Gourd Vases When you shop for gourds for your front porch display, keep your eyes open for those with unique shapes, colors and markings. Gourds make a fabulous vessel for displaying colorful fall flowers. Keep the gourd proportionate to the size of the blooms you want to display - larger varieties for giant sunflowers, smaller ones for more delicate cut flowers. Make a hole big enough to insert some florist tubes. Try using contrasting colors for a vase and flower combo that really pops. Group several gourds together for a bold tabletop display or space them around the room to spread the cheer. With just a few store-bought pieces, along with some found items in nature or the recycling bin and your imagination, you can celebrate fall in a fun and festive way for less.