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Unique Friendships Between Military and Civilians

Submitted by Meditec on Tue, 05/29/2018 - 22:55
Unique Friendships Between Military and Civilians

While all friendships are unique, ones forged in the military stand out and so do bonds our soldiers forge with civilians. It is important to make the best out of any friendship during, before and after deployments. Not everyone who is in the armed forces can make or retain friends in the military but they do have civilian friends who are just as supportive and dear to them. Both kinds of friendships are unique in their own way and each has its own rewards. However, military based friendships can seem more beneficial for obvious reasons. Friends who are part of the military can commiserate with you without judging you and without being invasive. You can share the stress you feel about deployments, how you deal with your PTSD and they can share their experiences to help you cope. Plus, you don’t have to explain what you do and why you do it either. They have lived through those experiences themselves and understand the pain you are feeling. In other words, military friends just get you and understand your fears and joys deeply.

Military and Civilian Friendships

Those who serve the country take the bonds they forged during their service every seriously and those friendships often last a lifetime. Even if a member leaves a unit, there is a chance that they will leave all of the friends they ever made behind as well. Rotations can take years which is quite common in all branches. However, members know this and are ready to make new friends in new units to replace older ones. However, members in the military never truly abandon friendships because they know it might be the last time they see each other. They follow an unspoken code in this regard and reunions are always joyful affairs since they meet as if they have never been separated and there is no resentment from either party. Civilians on the other hand may have difficulty understanding why their military friends may not be able to keep in touch or call them even if they are in the state. Most are posted for an extended period of time and friendships between them and civilians can take a long time to forge. However, people who understand the struggle often make long term connections with their military counterparts and many help them reconnect to the civilian lifestyle after retirement. Military wives for instance step up when spouses are deployed elsewhere and support other wives. This includes helping sick friends, taking care of the kids among other things.

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