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Enjoy Working in a Pharmacy

Submitted by Meditec on Tue, 12/10/2013 - 15:26
Enjoy Working in a Pharmacy

Some jobs do get difficult, stressful and even boring at some point for professionals but there are always ways to make sure that happiness and fun will always be an element in the workplace. Below are great steps for pharmacy technicians in ensuring that they will enjoy their professional careers: Work in the best environment and attitude Yes you can control some elements in your working environment, and with technicians it starts by picking the right pharmacy to work at.

  • Size and location of the store – stores located in not so busy locations tends to be small in size. Smaller pharmacies will likely have fewer employees and not so many clients which might make the workplace a little more boring since you don’t have much people to talk and work with. Of course bigger and busier stores will mean more work but they will have more staff that you can be friends with. Less work means more time and more work will make time just fly by. Some people chose workplaces that are closer to home so they can avoid the stress of traveling to and from work.
  • The right benefits – of course one of the biggest reason or inspiration for pharmacy technician for doing a great job is having good benefits. It starts with the right wage. Find a store where the pay will be reasonable for you and be sure to ask for the benefits employees get – don’t forget to ask for career opportunities or career growth within the company so you would know where you could be at after 4 or 5 years (a higher position or pay).
  • Don’t stop learning – be sure to get involved in all the processes involved in operating a pharmacy and all elements relevant to them such as what are generics, prescriptions and what they can do. If you stick to just what you know or what you are doing, it won’t be long till you get tired with the routine and chances of getting a higher position will be lower.
  • Connect and communicate – remember that no man is an island so connect and communicate not just with your co-worker but with your customers too. A simple “Good morning” greeting will definitely help start a good chat. There might not be much free time (except for breaks) with busy pharmacies but there will surely be time to talk. In times when you do not know what to do, communicating will be the best thing to do. Don’t act on your own as it can be dangerous (like giving clients the wrong prescription) but instead, ask. The licensed pharmacist will always know what to do so be sure to ask – this will be one of the ways you don’t stop learning and doing this will also help you avoid memos from the boss. Don’t guess and always stay calm.
  • Always know your tasks and finish them – be sure to know what is expected of you and if you are not sure on how you can finish certain tasks, remember to connect and communicate. It should also be a good practice to ensure that all task for the day is resolved – if not possible, be sure to talk to the next people in shift so they can help you with it.
  • Be professional but don’t forget to have fun – it’s always right to be professional at work (dress right, treat your colleagues right, etc.) but don’t forget that you can have fun. Join your colleagues for after work activities every once in a while (like maybe watching the game) or go out of town with them. Don’t forget that you also have your families and friends you can hang out with to stress out (maybe for a massage or a movie night).
  • Stay healthy – taking the time to exercise and eat healthy can help you fight and avoid stress.

Know all you need to know about pharmacy technician and don’t forget that when you have a job, it doesn’t mean that your personal life is over. Take the time to do the things that you love, lift your spirit up and make you happy – it can be books if you’re a reader, the road and historical sites if you’re a traveler, food if you love to cook and so on.