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MyCAA can Help You Become Employed

Mitzi C. Graham August 17, 2015 1

Employment Training Opportunities

Unemployment can be defined as the period of time in which a person is not gainfully employed in a manner that allows them to feel at ease financially. While this definition is fluid, and depends greatly on each person’s individual circumstance, it is safe to say that most people feel some anxiety at being unemployed for any period of time — particularly if their wages are an important part of the household budget. Given the fact that military families typically move every few years, or so, unemployment figures among that segment of the population can be elevated.

Finding Employment in a Fluid Environment

The economy, and in turn the job market, is looking bright for many areas across the country. While this can make it easier for a military spouse to find a job once the family is settled into its new duty station, there are several factors that could be holding her back. For one thing, a military spouse is still competing against those residents who possibly have deep roots within the community.

The Line of Work Matters

There are some industries that always seem to be hiring, primarily due to the high turnover rate. Retail is one example of an industry that is constantly hiring. There are several challenges that exist when it comes to undertaking a career in retail, though. Burnout — due to long hours and strenuous work such as lifting heavy boxes, climbing ladders to stock shelves and standing for hours on end each day — is a common job hazard. When burnout is combined with the notoriously low pay that is the norm for the retail industry, it is easy to understand the elevated level of turnover the industry experiences.

MyCAA: Creating a Better, More Stable Financial Future

The uncertainty of the employment situation at any given duty station is often the reasoning behind a military spouse’s decision to return to school. Military spouse benefits for education such as Military Spouse Tuition Assistance, allows spouses to enroll in programs that can further their career.

MyCAA offers an entire roster of educational programming in industries that are some of the most sought after in the world. A degree in the healthcare industry, for example, is something that a Navy wife can pursue no matter where her spouse is stationed.

Obtaining the education you need is the first step to being employed, regardless of where the military sends you. Take advantage of the MyCAA benefit and enroll in a career training program. Contact Meditec today for more information and take control of your future!

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