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Online Study Habits

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 05/26/2014 - 15:03
Online Study Habits

 Many adults are opting to use online education as a means to further their career and education. Usually these adults have children, spouses, jobs, and other responsibilities. When taking an online course, they need to make the best use of their limited study time. Good study habits start with effective study techniques. Effective study techniques start with having a study plan to guide you throughout your course.

  1. One effective technique is to use a highlighter pen when reading your textbook. The idea is to highlight key points to make it easier to review and remember.
  2. It is also important to have a study plan or schedule. Some adults like to study during their lunch hour while others prefer to do it in the morning. Whatever time works for your is fine as long as you stick to your schedule. Limit distractions like the television, telephone, gadgets or the internet.
  3. Another important study technique is the SQ3R method. This stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review. You use this method for any material that you are reading online or in a textbook. Here is how the SQ3R method works:

Survey- Skim over the chapter or online material by noticing headings, bolded text, and getting a general idea of what the chapter is about. Question- Before you get started working with the chapter, form questions in your mind that you’d like answered in the chapter.  Reading the objectives of the chapter can assist you in forming questions. Read- Read the chapter through thoroughly. Recite- Talk to someone about what you learned in the chapter. Review- Review the material quickly before moving on to the next chapter.

  1. Study guides are also helpful resources. These can be the guides given by instructors that outlines the course and offers helpful suggestions and notes. You can create your own study guide by simply taking notes on each chapter of your course. When it’s time for an exam, these notes will come in handy.

Online learning is becoming the norm in our society today. Having good online study habits is essential to your overall success as an adult learner.