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Easter Care Package Ideas for Your Spouse on Duty

Submitted by Meditec on Wed, 04/01/2015 - 13:49

For our spouses on duty, being deployed is hard. Receiving a care package from loved ones helps them stay connected at home and lessens the stress of being a soldier on duty. Sometimes, family members left at home can go over the top with sending care packages. Of course, we only want our soldiers to have everything that can make them comfortable, right? While the intent is good, we must also understand that soldiers have very limited space for all their belongings. They might not have enough room for clutter. So for every care package that you send, think about what your love ones need the most. And nobody knows it better than you. Here are some Easter care package ideas to cheer up your soldier on duty.

Easter Care Package Ideas for Your Spouse on Duty

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