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You do social media every day, why not get a paid social media job out of it?

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 05/05/2014 - 18:18
You do social media every day

How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? If you answered more than two, then why not turn that experience into a paid social media job? I am not talking about a “job” that pays you for liking pages, pinning images, or posting comments. I am talking about a real job with a marketing or media company helping businesses and organizations promote their services, products, and causes. Social media marketing continues to rank as the number one skill in demand by employers. Not only can social media skills lead to great paid social media jobs; they are necessary skills in almost any industry. Social media skills are especially useful if you want a career in business, marketing, customer service, real estate, advertising, media – even the health care industry. The beauty of a social media job is that many companies hire social media marketing positions virtually, so you can easily do this work from home. And there is a big demand for freelance social media jobs, as well. And you already have many of the necessary skills:

  • Posting updates to social networking sites like Facebook
  • Sharing images on photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram
  • Retweeting and posting to Twitter
  • Uploading videos to sites like Facebook and YouTube
  • Populating LinkedIn profiles
  • Publishing blog posts or commenting on blogs
  • Creating social media accounts
  • Using mobile devices to access social media sites
  • Interacting and engaging with other social media users

Even more important is that you have the experience of an actual social media user. You know how to relate to other people on social networking sites. You know what social media users respond to. You can learn how to customize the tools, upload optimized videos, integrate and automate the posting process; but the most valuable skills are those you already possess. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in social media is not knowing how to relate to people on social media platforms. You already know how – you do it every day. Do not underestimate that experience. Use it to launch a career in social media marketing, and get a paid social media job doing what you already love!