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5 Digital Marketing Books You Need To Read

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 08/15/2016 - 19:33
5 Digital Marketing Books You Need To Read

Not sure what digital marketing is? Well, there's good news: if you've been on the Internet before this very moment, you've already been exposed to it. Digital marketing is everywhere online and — if it's handled particularly well — it's barely noticeable. At its simplest definition, digital marketing is the promotion of a brand through electronic media: websites, social media, advertisements, sponsored articles, and so much more. Though it's easy to access, it's not necessarily easy to make; that's where the best digital marketing books come in. If you're interested in how to excel in the career's roles—managing social media, keeping current with memes, navigating view stats, creating mobile-friendly media—then it's important to check out these digital marketing books for beginners. They're all guaranteed to brief you on this fast-growing career and prepare you for its ultimately worthwhile challenges.

  1. The Tipping Point

Trends — whether by Twitter hashtag, Facebook news story, or general popular discussion — are key to digital marketing. They're how you tap into and resonate with new audiences. Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point digs through the psychology of trends and details how they start and grow. With this advice, you'll remain ahead of the curve when the next trend wave starts.

  1. Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends

People who misunderstand digital platforms miss what all the internet marketing books say: when crafted carefully, online spaces actually unite people instead of divide them. The internet reaches over distance and time to bring together people of similar needs and interests. That unique skill is why connection — of ideas, feedback, and human interaction — is a key idea in Tim Sanders' Love is the Killer App.

  1. The 4 Hour Workweek

Though not every reader of The 4 Hour Workweek will achieve the book's title, they should walk away with a better grasp on time management. Author Timothy Ferris uses his book is a great general lifestyle book for those who want to live efficiently.

  1. Permission Marketing

Seth Godin's book takes a spin on traditional marketing; he doesn't recommend "interrupting" the viewer (as traditional media marketing often does), instead he prefers "permission marketing" that engages readers through original content: Youtube videos, articles, and educational podcasts. These types of marketing build both brand awareness and trust over the long-term.

  1. The Social Media Bible

One of the biggest barriers to entry in digital marketing is social media. It's everywhere, it's a lot to absorb, and it's constantly changing. Though Facebook and Twitter are the reigning social media giants, it's important to understand others like Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, and Youtube. Lon Safko's The Social Media Bible contains thorough strategies and advice for those trying to navigate these tumultuous and trendy spaces. Closing Considerations Digital marketing is a career tailor-made to the life of a military spouse. It's flexible, engaging, and well-suited to someone— say, a parent — who needs to work from home. It's not for everyone, though; it requires intense multi-tasking, a willingness to stay in-tune to pop culture, and a willingness to sit in a chair at a computer for hours at a time. Still, for those suited to it, it's a rewarding lifestyle. Start your career by reading these top marketing books and enrolling in online digital marketing training. There's no better space to prepare for online advertising than directly online.