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Customer Service Representatives: The Face of a Brand and the Future

Submitted by Meditec on Fri, 12/11/2015 - 17:49
Customer Service Representatives: The Face of a Brand and the Future

A customer service representative is the person who is most often associated with a particular brand or store. A highly-valued member of the team, a customer service representative has the power to field complaints, problems or other issues that a customer is facing in such a way that allows that person to leave the store happy, satisfied and ready to speak its praises. A good customer service representative is in such high demand that obtaining a job nearly anywhere is almost always easy.

A Day in the Life of a Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative can be found in every industry across the globe. Many individuals who are trained as customer service representatives take the general skills they learned and then obtain a job within a field that they are particularly interested in such as retail, insurance, technology, medical, library sciences and more. While one aspect of a customer service representative's job is to handle complaints, another -- more encompassing -- task is to provide the information that a customer or client needs to have a satisfactory experience with the company or organization that you are employed with. For example, in a large office building, you might find an individual waiting to greet visitors as they enter the front doors. They help people find the office suite they need to locate in order to complete their business.

Skills Needed to Be a Customer Service Representative

To say that a customer service representative must be a people person is an understatement. Because you will likely be dealing with people from a wide range of backgrounds, life styles, ages and abilities when you are employed as a customer service representative, you must like engaging, talking and helping them. Friendly, personable and enthusiastic are the hallmarks of a fantastic customer service representative. In addition, you need to have basic office skills in order to stay organized as well as to be able to retrieve the information that is necessary to help people. Training in popular office suites such as Microsoft Outlook™, Excel™ and Word™ are essential to your success as a customer service representative as well as the success of your employer. Other valuable training involves office procedures, business verbal communication and customer service.

A Customer Service Representative and the Military

A customer service representative is the ideal career for a military wife. Because companies across the globe have a need for such employees, the chances are fantastic that you will be able to obtain employment regardless of where your husband is stationed next. Being employed as a customer service representative provides you with valuable assets that you can then take from one employer to the next. In addition, you will be able to obtain on-the-job training to hone your skills as needed. Meditec offers a flexible and challenging training program that provides you with all the knowledge and access to the skills you need to obtain employment as a customer service representative. Due to their unique presentation that allows you to study anywhere and their flexible financing options, Meditec is a company that is well-suited to provide career training to military families.