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Have You Considered a Career in Insurance?

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 06/16/2014 - 11:59
Have You Considered a Career in Insurance

Have You Even Seen Dallas from a DC-9 at Night” was a 1972 hit song written by Jimmie Dale Gilmore and recorded more famously by his trio with Joe Ely and Butch Hancock, The Flatlanders. Indeed, flying into Dallas at night, or New York or Los Angeles, or any other large city, is a beautiful sight.  Especially if you are an insurance agent who realizes that almost everything that can be seen is insured. If there is no insurance, planes won’t fly, trucks won’t go, trains won’t roll and buses won’t leave the parking lot.  Without insurance, businesses would not risk their capital.  Insurance touches the life of every American and is essential for a free market economy to operate.  Careers in insurance offer more than just a job.  If you want an opportunity to work with people, make a difference and provide a necessary service to individuals and businesses, then a career in the insurance business may be for you! The Insurance Information Institute reports in 2011 that 2.3 million people worked in the insurance industry and earned a total of $205,337,000.  These employees have background in law, medicine, legal, computers, project management, and many other disciplines. The recent recession had a dramatic impact with thousands of people laid off. A bright spot has been the insurance industry which once again proved to be stable despite hard economic changes.  Insurance sales have been a door many have taken for an entry into the insurance business.  A licensed producer has a solid knowledge of the insurance industry, a firm grasp of various kinds of policies and an understanding of federal and state regulation.  Licensed producers have proven they have the ability to study complex information and pass a rigorous state examination thus increasing their value as a job candidate.  A producer often has no upper limit on their amount of compensation thus finding the effort worth the reward.  If you are interested in becoming a licensed producer, you do not have to walk alone!  360training can assist you by providing cost and time effective insurance pre-licensing online training that prepares you to take the state exam.  You can also study online with the customized help of a personal tutor through 360training’s signature service, Instructor Connect. We invite you to check out this link to get started.  You will find information on a state by state basis. To learn more about getting licensed you are welcome to email our in-house insurance expert Jack Frick, CIC, CISR, AIS, M.Div,  ([email protected]) or  call Jack toll free at 866/860.2926 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm CST.