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Military Misconceptions

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 07/20/2015 - 16:30
Military Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions about life in the military. Listed below are the most common ones:

  1. Military Jobs are not Comparable to Civilian Ones

This is a pretty common military misconception that, on the surface, can seem to be true. After all, there are few civilian jobs that have you repairing tanks, helping to coordinate the movements of the front line and picking off the enemy from the tops of buildings with your sniper rifle. There are, however, plenty of civilian jobs that involve repairing other mechanical items—from vehicles to computers, and more. You can also use your training in logistics to provide a secure working environment. In fact, non-combat roles account for about 80 percent of all available military jobs.

  1. Military Pay and Benefits are not Competitive With Those Offered by the Civilian Sector

It is hard to see where the basis of this common military misconception originated. After all, few civilian jobs allow you to come in as an entry-level employee and enjoy pay and benefits, such as allowances for housing, food, education, healthcare and more, as well as offering paid days off and a salary equal to about $1300 per month. Like civilian jobs, though, those in the military offer increased pay and benefits the longer you stick it out.

  1. You Cannot go to College if You go Into the Military After High School

Many people think that life after high school consists of either going to college or going into the military. In all actuality, though, just because you go into the military after high school does not mean that you will not be able to obtain a college education. In fact, the military often answers the question that many graduates have about how to pay for their college education. Not only does serving provide you with access to the GI Bill, which is equal to about $36,000 that you can use for up to ten years after you separate. In many cases, the military provides training and certifications throughout your career that are equal to college credits.

  1. The Military Limits the Amount of Success That Women Can Achieve Within its Ranks

Today's military is welcoming to women with about 95 percent of its jobs open to them. Since 1978, the percentage of active duty military members who are women has doubled and they have been responsible for the biggest enlistment increases. About 15 percent of all military members across all branches today are women. The above four common military misconceptions are only the most prevalent ones, but there are many more. What others ones have you heard and do you know why they are untrue?