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Our Comment Policy

Submitted by Meditec on Thu, 01/02/2014 - 18:13

We welcome our readers’ comments and suggestions both on our feedback page and blog section. We encourage you to actively participate in comment discussions and share your thoughts with us on the topics that we publish here on our site. However, please understand that we set a standard for the comments that we accept here to maintain the overall tone and quality of the website. To that end, we have established moderation guidelines for commenters and the comments left on our site. Leaving a comment on our website means you agree to the terms of our comment policy. Feedback on our courses. Use our feedback form, or be in touch with one of our representatives to have your concerns addressed. Do not use the blog comments section for leaving feedbacks on our subject-matter specialists or our courses. Using screen names. We also moderate screen names and may not publish comments left by a commenter with a rude or offensive screen name. When choosing your screen name, always be sensitive to how other readers and commenters may react to your chosen screen name. Relevance to topic. Stay on topic and state your point clearly. Otherwise, your comment may be considered spammy. Privacy and confidentiality. Rest assured that the details you leave on our site so that you can leave a comment will not be revealed to the public. Do not leave email addresses, personal numbers and other important details about yourself in your comments. Civility. Should you find your opinions opposing previous ones left on the site, please express your differing opinion in a civil language and manner. In instances wherein you think a violation of the comment policy has been committed, you may notify our moderators by emailing them or clicking on the provided link to report a comment. Note that it may take a while for moderators to remove or edit the comment in question; please be patient. Commercial activity. We prohibit any form of advertising on the site. Any self-serving comment, especially ones that reference products and services out of context will be considered spam. Legal issues. Commenters are solely responsible for any legal action taken against them for the comments they leave on the website. Meditec also reserves the right to block commenters who are found to be in violation of the above listed standards. We also reserve the right to ban commenters who we deem are disrupting the atmosphere and tone of the site.