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Top Business Careers for Military Spouses

Submitted by Meditec on Fri, 02/22/2019 - 03:21
Top Business Careers for Military Spouses

It’s no secret that military spouses are some of the best out there when it comes to communication and resourcefulness. Their ability to adapt to unpredictable situations and manage their time is not only helpful when dealing with day-to-day life, but also when placed in professional settings. In fact, the skills that many military spouses already possess are in high demand by business around the country. For that reason, business careers for military spouses are on the rise, with many spouses of active duty service members earning specific certifications to take advantage of this trend. To help you refine your search for a new employment path, we’ve created a list of some of the top business careers for military spouses. Taking it one step further, we’ve made sure that these careers are ‘work-from-home’ jobs, ensuring that spouses can still maintain their lifestyle. So, if you’re interested in developing a career in business, we encourage you to consider these career paths that would not only help you in your next job, but also in your quest to finally build your own business from the ground up.


A career in accounting or bookkeeping is perfect for military spouses who have a knack for crunching numbers, analyzing data, and implementing processes under a certain set of rules. The demand for professionals with administrative and bookkeeping skills is . estimated to grow 10% through 2026. This means that those that enter the field today can expect to see their wages and job demands grow over the next several years The median salary for an accountant is roughly $70,000, while bookkeeping holds a median salary of around $42,000. Traditionally, these positions have been traditional ‘office jobs,’ forcing employees to commute to the office each day. Fortunately, as technology and collaboration tools have advanced, more finance professionals are working remote, from the comfort of their own home. This makes accounting and bookkeeping one of the best business careers for military spouses around the world. Typically, employers hiring for these positions require a college degree, but military spouses can get a foot in the door by using their MyCAA education grant towards an accredited online training program. Meditec offers an accredited online training program that dives into the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping.

Customer Service Representative

Thanks to this technology-driven generation, customer service has vastly improved for both the consumers and those who are looking for a career in this fast-growing field. For military spouses that possess strong communication and listening skills, a career in customer service is something to consider. Good companies see customer service representatives as an active extension of how consumers perceive their brand and are willing to pay top dollar for the right candidates. Many companies are also allowing their customer service teams to work remote and help customers from home rather than the office. This approach not only allows businesses to expand their employment reach, but also empowers military spouses to earn a respected income without having to worry about how relocations, PCS moves, or overseas assignments will impact their job. A combination of factors makes customer service one of the top business careers for military spouses. In addition to communication skills, companies often look for a candidate’s who can:

  1. Stay calm and patient under pressure
  2. Be attentive to details
  3. Use positive language
  4. Manage time and resources efficiently
  5. Empathize with people and serve as a calming presence
  6. Be persuasive and has developed closing skills

The field itself, however, can be very competitive. Therefore, it takes a little bit more effort to standout onset. What you can do, in this regard, is take an online course to prepare yourself for a customer service representative position.

Social Media Marketing Professional

There’s no denying the impact that social media has had on businesses ranging from small mom and pop shops to worldwide corporations. Through various emerging platforms, businesses can connect with consumers, share important updates and news, respond to customer feedback, and increase brand recognition. For these reasons, it’s no surprise that CNN Money is expecting the position to see a 9% growth over the next 10 years. Social media marketing has established itself as one of the top business careers for military spouses over the past few years by having low barriers to entry, a strong starting salary, and the ability to work remotely. In fact, the freelance market for social media marketing has started to take off as businesses are starting to consider contractors to handle their social media. In today’s climate, many businesses don’t require a college degree in marketing to become a social media marketing professional. Many job seekers can get their foot in the door was some basic experience and a certification that proves that they understand the basics.

About MyCAA

Aside from a career in accounting and customer service, military spouses can also discover more business career paths for themselves with their Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) grant. MyCAA is an education and training focused scholarship and grant program for military spouses. It’s a branch of the Department of Defense and its main purpose is to help military spouses gain access to education and employment in high-demand, high-growth careers that you can take with you from post to post. Click here to see if you’re qualified for this grant, so you can start training for a portable and sustainable business career path right away.

About Meditec

Meditec provides spouses of active duty service members a chance to use their MyCAA grant towards a portable career that can work with their typically unpredictable lifestyle. From business to fitness, Meditec offers MyCAA-approved training geared towards careers for military spouses. To view all the courses that we have to offer, visit today!