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Best Vacation Spots for Military Families

Mitzi C. Graham May 4, 2015 Comments Off on Best Vacation Spots for Military Families

The Best Vacation Spots for Military FamiliesThe military allows its employees to earn 2.5 days of vacation every month. Many families use those vacation days as quickly as they come in, but for those that plan a little more long term, we have some great suggestions for you.

Going on a nice long summer trip can create wonderful memories for the family. We looked into some of the best summer vacation spots for military families.

Planning a Military Vacation for Families

Going on a summer vacation as a military family isn’t as easy as just packing your bags and heading out of town. Military families have specific schedules to follow. So before you decide on where you want to go, make sure that your schedule is fixed and your days off are planned.

Being a part of the military allows for quite a few perks— one of those is that civilian establishments will do their best to accommodate you and make your life easier. Using this goodwill, you can find some good vacation deals and destinations.

Make It a Disney Vacation

Disneyland and Disneyworld both have made it very apparent how willing they are to thank our soldiers with special discounts. If you have young children, then going on a Disney trip could be one of those ‘golden memories’ that your kids will latch onto. Look for Disney’s Armed Forces Salute special in order to get great deals on lodging and parks.

Swing by Six Flags

For military families looking to capture a few thrills, head over to Six Flags during their Military Appreciation Days. These specialized days offer free entry to all active duty soldiers in the Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy and Marines.

These special days are scheduled at the beginning of the year so make sure to check before blocking out your vacation days. Six Flags parks are all over the country, so the odds are good that there is one near you!

Take a Relaxing Cruise

If theme parks aren’t your thing and you’d rather get a little bit of ocean and sun, consider going on a cruise. Many cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise, offer special discounts to active duty soldiers. Not only will your admission to the cruise be discounted, but you will also be given spending money vouchers while on board. Find a cruise that fits your needs and give them a call. The odds are pretty good that you’ll end up with a hefty discount and a beautiful vacation.

Take a Flight Abroad

Maybe you want to be a little more adventurous this year, so you decide to travel abroad. The largest expense you typically will incur is your airfare, but it doesn’t have to be. Check with a military counselor or head to the military fare website in order to find all of the huge discounts available to you. With a cheap plane ticket within reach, the world is open to you and your family.

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