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Choosing Gifts for Your Deployed Loved Ones

Mitzi C. Graham December 24, 2014 Comments Off on Choosing Gifts for Your Deployed Loved Ones

What Are the Best Gifts to Give This Christmas?We’re just full of holiday gift ideas to add to your personal holiday gift guide! These include ideal gifts for soldiers deployed overseas, as well as those based near home.

Personalized items are one of the creative and thoughtful gifts that can be given to your loved ones deployed. A wooden Camouflage photo frame with a momentous photo can remind soldiers of home. Whether it’s a personal or family photo, an image of his best four-legged or feathered friends, or perhaps a romantic honeymoon memento, it will surely bring a smile to your soldier.

Make sure to include headlines or captions in the photo!

Into Graphics?

Why not design a personalized frame or a plaque of your own? There’s nothing like a one-of-a-kind gift created with love. Contact your local crafts store for information and class schedules. Or, check for online websites that feature instructions and supplies.

Don’t Forget the Holiday Gift Basket

Goodies from home are perfect gifts for soldiers. Popular food items include tuna, cheese and peanut butter crackers, energy bars with or without nuts, sardines, non-perishable beef jerky, and small cans of nuts, chips and cookies. Any powdered drinks in popular flavors that mix easily with water are always a welcome treat.

It’s a good idea to avoid bags of food since they crush easily.

Get Personal

Servicemen in desert areas greatly appreciate the protection afforded by sunglasses with goggle frames, especially in desert areas. Even if your loved one is in colder snow-filled climates, the sun can reflect harsh rays that are hard for the eyes to deal with.

Make sure the lenses are clearly marked as 100 percent protection for both UVA and UVB sun rays. Hopefully, they come with a case, and if not, purchase one.

When sending packages to soldiers be sure to include shaving lotion, pre-shave, disposable razors, after shave skin balm, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and a rich lip balm.

Don’t forget to include 100 percent cotton underwear and socks in your gift packages. This should be easy since you know the exact style and colors your loved one prefers.

For men with dry skin, or those who contend with the drying effects of desert heat, superfatted bar soap with extra emollient properties work wonders on the skin. It’s not inexpensive, but definitely worth investigating because of the comfort and pampering this soap delivers.

Do Your Research

Before selecting items for the basket, find out what your loved one needs, and check on restrictions. Be mindful of the climate, especially if you plan to send candy or other food items that are perishable. Avoid chocolate in desert areas because the severe heat can be brutal.

Don’t forget your loved ones proudly enjoy sharing their gifts, so pack a few extra items for everyone to enjoy.

Shipping is an important element. Sharing this good Military Package resource for shipping to help you plan your gift giving activities this season.

Happy Holidays!


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