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Adjusting After Military PCS: Turning a House into a Home

Mitzi C. Graham September 12, 2014 Comments Off on Adjusting After Military PCS: Turning a House into a Home

Military PCS Adjustment GuideIf you were one of many active members of the military (or a spouse of a military member) who was relocated as part of military PCS (permanent change of station) earlier this year, then you’re most likely just getting settled into your new place. There’s no doubt that enjoying a sense of stability and permanence can be a challenge when you’re in the military or married to somebody who is. Fortunately, there are still steps you can take following PCS to transform your new house into a home. Read on to explore some helpful tips from our permanent change of station guide.

Decorations Make All the Difference

If you haven’t taken the time to decorate your new home yet, now’s the time to do so. Otherwise, you’re simply staring at blank, bland walls that do nothing to make you feel truly at home.

Start by hanging up some pictures of your loved ones, such as close friends and family from your old hometown or a previous residence. This can help you maintain a sense of connection with your roots.

Other forms of home decor to consider include window coverings (curtains, drapes, blinds, etc.), rugs, lamps, and even floral arrangements. If you’re not exactly a home decor guru, no worries; consider asking for help from friends or even enlist the expertise of a professional interior designer!

Get Settled

Even if you’re not sure how long you’ll be living in your new home, it’s important to get completely unpacked and eliminate all signs of your move. Otherwise, you’ll never feel like you have truly moved. This means taking the time to unpack every box (or put them into storage where they’ll at least be out of sight).

If you have leftover boxes, consider deconstructing them and folding them up to store for another move down the road. Or, you could offer them up on a local community website to anybody who needs them. You’d be surprised at how fast you can get those unwanted boxes off your hands.

Don’t Forget About the Little Things

Even once you’re settled in and feeling like you’re “at home,” there are some smaller things you won’t want to forget about. For starters, don’t overlook the importance of getting a new driver’s license, plates for your car, and voter registration card. In many states, you’re required by law to obtain a new license within 60 days of moving, so check with your new state to find out how long you’ll have.

Also keep in mind that you’ll need to gather the necessary forms of ID to apply for your new driver’s license and registration. This includes your Social Security card, birth certificate, military ID, and more. If you’ve got any of these items packed up, make sure you recover them in plenty of time to apply for your new license.

When you get relocated as part of the military, it can be difficult to get comfortable in your new home. Fortunately, by taking the time to decorate your home, get fully unpacked, and explore your new neighborhood, you’ll be well on your way to feeling at home again in no time.


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