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Meditec Student Testimonials

Sally Rojas – Medical Office Management

“The instructor that directed the class that I was in was Dawn Moreno. She was awesome. I mean I am a talker. I have lots of questions. I like things explained to me in a manner that I am definitely going to understand. She probably had my number memorized. She talked me through the course. I mean I honestly felt like I was in a classroom setting at times.”

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Kat DeLallo – Medical Transcription

“I started Meditec in April of 2013, and was constantly impressed at the incredible assistance I received from everyone who worked there. No matter how silly my questions sounded, there was always someone there to answer me and reassure me whenever I doubted myself.”

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Katie Blank – Pharmacy Technician

“I was really excited that I had actual textbooks that I could read, that I could highlight, go through, take my notes. I just felt really comfortable that it was going to be a great program and I would be able to get all the information that I needed out of it. When I was having trouble, I could email Carrie and she would help me step-by-step get the answer that I was looking for when I didn’t understand. That was really helpful for me and my review.”

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Emily – Medical Assistant Training

“Hi, I am Emily. I am in the medical assistant program here at the school and I love it. I love that it’s on your own pace, I love that you can email and talk to people 24/7. Students, advisors, anybody that’s in the same program as you. You are always able to connect no matter if you are taking classes at 9 am or 9 pm.”

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