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Interested in a Social Media Career?

Social media allows businesses to directly interact to consumers with minor interference. Companies utilize social media to pitch products and educate and create conversation that will benefit and develop a loyal, informed customer base.

Meditec excitedly introduces new online social media training programs which includes Social Media Marketing Assistant, Social Media Marketing Specialist, and Social Media Marketing Director.

Through these courses, students learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and WordPress optimally. Additionally, students will learn how to strategically build a marketing calendar, develop brand awareness, and interact with consumers directly. The courses also explain the distinctions between social media strategy for different types of companies, best practices, and digital ethics.

Our Social Media Courses:

Social Media Marketing Specialist

The Social Media Marketing Specialist program is designed to prepare students for large companies are on the social media bandwagon, too. According to … Learn More

Social Media Marketing Director

Social media is now a necessary part of any organization’s marketing, sales, recruiting, or public relations initiatives. Organizations that use social media effectively create long-term…Learn More

Social Media Marketing Assistant

The purpose of the Social Media Marketing Assistant program is to prepare students to assist the marketing department and advertising personnel in all aspects of social media… Learn More

Digital Analytics and Conversion Professional, OMCP Preparatory

In this program, you’ll gain the skills you need to enter the field of web analytics. For those already working in the field, this program will provide you with the formal education… Learn More

Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, & Mobile Marketing OMCP Preparatory

No business, large or small, can afford to ignore online marketing any more. And that means there is a newfound and growing demand for marketing professionals with expertise in… Learn More

Landing Page Conversion & Digital Analytics Professional Concentration & Certification

So people are coming to your site – great! But as the saying goes, “you can’t take traffic to the bank.” You have to convert your traffic into customers, and measure what’s making… Learn More

Paid Search Professional – OMCP® Preparatory Program

Ads work best when the right message reaches the right audience at a time and place where they’re most receptive. So how do you make sure your ads end up in front of your target… Learn More

Search Marketing Professional – OMCP® Preparatory Program

Here’s how pretty much everyone uses a search engine: we type in what we need and click on the first option that looks promising. That’s why companies will pay big bucks to someone… Learn More

Social Media & Mobile Marketing Professional – OMCP® Preparatory Program

Consumers don’t wait till they get home to share their experiences — good or bad — on social media. They do it right now, on the go, from laptops, tablets, and phones. Harness that power… Learn More

In-demand Social Media Jobs and Social Media Management Careers

Social media marketing positions is fairly new but is a growing profession. According to a survey conducted in May 2013, social media marketing has increased dramatically, with 87 percent of small businesses using social media as a marketing tool today. Small to large businesses now offer opportunities in this field under the advertising or marketing departments.

Employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow 12 percent from 2012 to 2022 to create about 25,000 jobs. Advertising, promotions, and marketing will still be important for organizations to be able “to maintain and expand their share of the market,” as stated by the Bureau of Labor Studies. In a survey done in 2012, New York and California offer the most social media jobs and the highest paying wages. Annually, Social Media strategists may get paid a maximum of $71,000 while Social Media Managers may earn up to $116,000.

Our social media courses and programs were developed by industry expert in partnership with Accolades PR and Deltina Hay. Deltina Hay is the author of The Social Media Survival Guide, The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web, and The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the New Search Optimization. She is a veteran Web developer, publisher, and a pioneer of social media and Web 2.0, especially as it applies to small business and the publishing industry.

Start your career in this rising industry and take a course in social media marketing. Enroll with Meditec today!

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