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Legal and Paralegal Career Cross-Training

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Meditec’s LTP Combo Course provides Legal Transcription and Paralegal Training in a combined cross-training course.

Meditec’s Online Legal Transcription Training Program provides the most effective way to become a legal secretary-transcriptionist. Meditec’s training course for Legal Transcription Certification is self-paced. Information on the profession, how a law office works, fundamentals of law, court systems and litigation, specialty law, and finally, actual legal dictation with transcription mastery.

Meditec’s Online Paralegal Training Program provides the most effective way to become a paralegal (also known as “legal assistant”). Meditec Paralegal courses are self-paced. Includes basic law office interaction, billing, law theory, interview/investigation, writing, citations and research, specialty law, and internet resource directories.

NOW YOU CAN HAVE BOTH IN ONE COMBINED COURSE: Cross-train for your new legal career by combining the skills of a paralegal with the skills of a legal transcriptionist and double the value you represent to a legal office.

Expanding Opportunity and Income: The Benefits of Cross-Training – The more skills learned, the greater the opportunities for employment, advancement, supervision and management, or setting up a home business as a contractor, or as a consultant. With the LTP, Meditec has combined the training of a skilled paralegal, with those of a legal transcriptionist. The combination of these 2 critical components give our LTP students a huge advantage.

Meditec Legal Transcription and Paralegal Training: This one combined training course provides:

  • Legal Office Interaction, Law Theory
  • Typing refresher and rules, 5 hours of practice dictation
  • Legal Office Operations, Legal Billing, Writing, Research/Citations, Law Specialties

Certification: Upon completion of the course, Certification Examination required

  • 85% or better = Paralegal Certificate of Completion + Recommendation Letter
  • Certificates well accepted in the industry
  • Certification for CLA – Each state has varying to no requirements for certification. The most commonly known is the “Certified Legal Assistant” (CLA). The training is sufficient to sit for that examination.
  • 900 hour course equivalency (required for CLA)
  • 85% or better = Legal Transcription Certificate + Recommendation Letter
  • Certificates well accepted in the industry
  • Certification Exam prepares for any employer exam

More Questions? Review FAQ Sections on Legal Transcription and Paralegal.

The Meditec LTP Combination Course is perhaps the most comprehensive cross-training course available today in the medical careers training environment, and in terms of value. Many schools charge as much as $8,000 – $12,000 for just the Paralegal module. We challenge you to find a legal cross-training course that can equal the LTP in price or overall value.

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