MyCAA Program

Attention! Are you making most of your benefits as a military spouse? Did you know that you can apply for a MyCAA grant that will allow you to train for a new portable career? Yes, you heard it right—you can earn a new associate’s degree or industry-specific certification at no cost through the MyCAA program.

Through approved programs, you can pursue a new portable career in the medical, legal, business and technology fields that will enable you to be professionally fulfilled, contribute to the household income and secure your family’s future.

What is MyCAA?

MyCAA is an educational financing program offered by the Department of National Defense for eligible military spouses and activated reserve members. Up to $4,000 worth of funds is allowed per beneficiary through MYCAA approved schools.

Are you ready to take the next step? Before anything else, make sure you pass the eligibility requirements for opening a MyCAA account. To be eligible, you should be the spouse of:

  • an active duty Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine service member
  • an activated Reserve member of E1-E5, W1-W2, or O1-O2 pay grades
  • National Guard and/or AGR member who’s on federal Title 10 active duty orders

If you qualify for the above requirements, you can move forward with creating an account. Follow these steps:

  • Open this link and complete your profile to determine your eligibility.
  • Register for a MyCAA account.
  • Once your registration pushes through, contact one of our specialists. Our specialist will walk you through the enrollment process.

What’s in it for me with the MyCAA Programs?

As you progress in your program, you still have to satisfy a few requirements in order to fully maximize your MyCAA grant. Please take note of the following:

  • Finish the program within three years from beginning the course.
  • The financial assistance documents may take 15 days to be approved.
  • The program is limited to enrollment in associate’s degree, certification and licensure programs.

Fill up the form and Get Started with our MyCAA Programs

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