Military Spouse Benefit: MyCAA Program

One of the challenges that military spouses face is studying in a school and getting a career. With the constant moving in and moving out, it’s difficult and impractical to enroll in a physical school, much more maintain a normal career. The good thing is that the Department of Defense (DoD) is offering a career development and employment assistance program for military spouses via MyCAA or Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program.

With the MyCAA program, military spouses are entitled to get a tuition benefit so that they can enroll in MyCAA approved programs and train for a portable career. Up to $4,000 worth of funds is available for each beneficiary. MyCAA program list is available and can be obtained in online schools like Meditec where military spouses can get trained to get a portable career – a career that they can take with them wherever they will they go.

Getting Started with Your Career Training

You can contact one of our Admissions Advisor to help walk you through the enrollment process. The MyCAA program list can be viewed in the Meditec website to help you choose which career path you want to take. Once you have decided which MyCAA approved program you would like to sign up for, our Admission Advisor will be ready to help you enroll and answer your questions.

What’s in it for me with the MyCAA Approved Programs?

Enrolling in a MyCAA approved program allows you to study for an in-demand career at practically no cost. These programs will help you get ready for a portable career, tailor-suited for military spouses who are constantly relocating.

Don’t know which course to take? Don’t worry. The MyCAA program list includes career training programs in a variety of fields – you’re sure to pick out one that will suit your taste and your skills. Some of the MyCAA approved programs at Meditec include courses on the following fields: medical & healthcare, business, legal, real estate, insurance, technology, culinary, fitness and social media.

Take note: As you progress in your program, you still have to satisfy a few requirements in order to fully maximize your MyCAA grant. Please take note of the following:

  • Finish the program within three years from beginning the course.
  • The financial assistance documents may take 15 days to be approved.
  • The program is limited to enrollment in associate’s degree, certification and licensure programs.

Let Meditec help you materialize your dream of having a rewarding career. Fill up the form below and our Meditec MyCAA specialist will contact you as soon as possible.