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The Jumpstart Program

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Our internship has created many exceptional medical transcriptionists. Could you be next?

The Jumpstart Internship Program – Our Exclusive Internship Program

Breaking into a new industry can be quite a challenge for newly graduates. A Medical Transcription certificate helps pave the way but for students who wish to go the extra mile, practical experience is just the thing you need. In order to help our graduates gain that experience, we are proud to offer the Jumpstart Internship program.

Through Jumpstart, aspiring medical transcriptionists can get into their desired positions in the medicine, science and public health administration fields more easily. Hundreds of our graduates can attest to the success of this program.

What it takes to qualify for the internship:

  • – Complete our medical transcription program with a 90% or higher grade on your 2-part final exam (online and transcription). This automatically qualifies you for our internship program, free of charge.
  • – Meet the equipment requirements as follows, prior to placement:

  • A Windows OS-based personal computer with 1 GB of RAM memory, at least 5 GB of available storage and a processor running at 1 GHz or more. (Use of Apple/Mac computers is strongly discouraged. Bytescribe, the software used to operate the foot pedal, is incompatible with Apple/Mac computers.)
  • Windows XP or Vista with SP2 operating system.
  • A 17-inch monitor, with graphics set at 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • The computer has to have a USB port for the foot pedal to be attached.
  • Soundblaster soundcard
  • PC speakers and headphones
  • Background on using and navigating Microsoft Windows and MS Word applications.
  • PC should have MS Word 2003 or 2007 installed on it.
  • Bytescribe Wavplayer (Support for installing this software is provided by its manufacturer, Bytescribe Corp.)
  • Stedman’s Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker

Failure to meet the software and hardware requirements may result to your dismissal from the internship program or may give internship partners reason to reject your application.

Students should be aware that internship slots are limited and may not be immediately available upon completion. Also, internship placements does not guarantee employment or job placement. Completing the internship will provide the on the job experience that will assist students with finding employment in addition to their program training.

The internship duration spans 90 days on average, but can extend up to six months based on the student’s progress and performance.

Be one of our next interns and learn from your very own mentor! Start your career on the right foot with our exclusive internship program.

Call 866-991-3921 for further information on the Jumpstart internship program for MTs. Visit the Jumpstart testimonials page as well to hear more about what our internship partners have to say about the quality MTs we’ve produced.

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