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Medical Transcription

With Meditec's Medical Transcription program, you will develop the skills necessary to succeed as a medical transcriptionist. We consult with industry experts to ensure you learn everything needed to excel in your chosen path.

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Affordable Medical Transcription Classes and Online Certification

Why Medical Transcription Training?

A medical transcription career is a good fit for those interested in medical words, grammar, typing, working from home, variety, challenges, and listening. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for medical transcriptionists was $15.82 an hour in 2010 and many worked from home. Medical transcriptionists are employed in organizations, such as

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians’ or doctors’ offices
  • Transcription service providers
  • Self-employed

Since most encounters between a health care provider and a patient are recorded either by voice or electronically, organizations need transcriptionists to listen to the dictation and transcribe (type) it for the patient’s file. Even as voice recognition systems grow in popularity, medical transcriptionists and editors are still needed to review computer generated documents for errors. In addition to grammar and typing skills, employers look for knowledge of Latin (and Greek) word derivation, anatomy, physiology, and pharmacy. As the large baby-boomer population ages, the healthcare industry will see increased demand for medical services, such as medical transcription.

Medical Transcription Training Online

With Meditec’s Medical Transcription Classes online certification, you will develop the skills necessary to succeed as a transcriptionist. We consult with industry experts to ensure you learn everything needed to excel in your chosen path. Our online courses will teach you:

  • Medical root words, suffixes, and prefixes
  • Pharmaceutical terminology
  • How to transcribe in real-world situations
  • Surgical vocabulary

The program takes about 6 months to complete, assuming you study approximately 15 hours a week. Once you pass all your courses, you will receive a certificate of completion and be ready to begin your career in medical transcription.

Stand out and advance your career—even before starting it.

Meditec’s Jumpstart Program helps students gain a firsthand look into the world of medical transcription and other related allied health professions. Through our exclusive, three-month internship program, students get to receive mentorship and training from medical transcription editors and practitioners, free of charge. Students only have to attain a 90 percent score or higher in their comprehensive final exam to make it to the program.

On top of it all, students will gain the right kind of experience that will boost their resume and help them be one step ahead of other job-seekers. Could you be our next intern?

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How To Become A Medical Transcriptionist

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Medical Transcription

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