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Medical Transcription

With Meditec's Medical Transcription program, you will develop the skills necessary to succeed as a medical transcriptionist. We consult with industry experts to ensure you learn everything needed to excel in your chosen path.

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Medical Transcriptionist Courses Certificate

If you’re looking for a career that is in-demand and can give you flexible working arrangements, medical transcription may be one of your career options. Medical transcription is the process of converting voice-recorded reports of physicians into text format.

Reviewing and editing medical documents using speech recognition technology are also part of a medical transcriptionist’s job. Doctors and other health practitioners dictate the procedures they have done on a patient and medical transcriptionists transcribe and interpret these and include it in patient’s medical histories, discharge summaries and other related documents.

Medical transcriptionists must have an understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and biology. Good grammar and knowledge of word-processing software are also pertinent requirements to become a successful medical transcriptionist.

According to the 2012 data of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, medical transcriptionists receive a median pay of about $34,020 per year or $16.36 per hour. The projected employment growth is 8% from 2012 to 2022. The demand for medical transcriptionist services will continue to rise with the growing volume of healthcare services.

If you are thinking of landing a career in this field, now is the perfect time to enroll in a medical transcription program and get a medical transcriptionist certificate.

Why take medical transcription training online certification?

Enrolling in a medical transcription training course online can help you be equipped with the skills needed to start a career in this field. When choosing a school, make sure that its medical transcription courses will help you prepare for a medical transcription certification. Having a medical transcriptionist certificate will give you an advantage when you look for jobs because employers prefer those who have passed the requirements of a certification exam.

Taking the medical transcription training online certification at Meditec will help you prepare to become a successful practitioner. After finishing the program, Meditec can also assist you in your search for medical transcriptionist jobs. Of course, having a medical transcriptionist certificate gives you an edge over other applicants. Some states require certification while others don’t. However, getting certified is recommended because it is a proof that you have undergone proper training and validates your skill as a medical transcriptionist.

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Medical Transcription Classes at Meditec

Meditec’s medical transcription courses certificate will help you develop the skills necessary to succeed as a medical transcriptionist. We consult with industry experts to ensure you learn everything needed to excel in your chosen path. Our online courses will teach you:

  • Medical root words, suffixes, and prefixes
  • Pharmaceutical terminology
  • How to transcribe in real-world situations
  • Surgical vocabulary

The program takes about six months to complete, assuming you study approximately 15 hours a week. Once you pass all your courses, you will receive a certificate of completion and be ready to begin your career in medical transcription.

Ready to become a certified medical transcriptionist? Enroll now in our Medical Transcription program today.

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