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Faculty & Staff


The management team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who bring unique experiences and leadership to the organization, helping to drive the company’s core mission of providing an integrated technology, content, and services-focused strategy.


Adnan Sattar Chief Executive Officer, Owner
Michael Mariano Chief Financial Officer
Fayyaz Shah Chief Product Owner
Ronald Trautman Chief Revenue Officer


Tricia Sharpton Product Line Manager
Karen Leonhart Associate Director of Admissions
Brenda Graves Sr. Manager of Student Services
Mitzi Graham Manager of Community Outreach


Ana McNatt CMT Allied Health and Legal
Carrie Walls CPT, AAS-Pre Nursing, BSN, St. Phillips College Allied Health
Kent Stobel BA Modern Languages, NAR, SCRC, The Citadel Real Estate
Wendy Dillon CMOM, CPC, CMA, EMT Allied Health


The staff involved in creating the training programs is well-qualified in the healthcare and legal fields. Collective experience includes many years in the business of outsourced medical transcription, coding and billing, medical office administration, patient information and management software development and utilization, and a broad background in the law. The training programs were ultimately delivered on the Internet, one of the earliest successful commercial efforts for on-line education (1994). The programs were and remain the benchmark of online education since 1995 and are widely used by hundreds of schools. Here are the highlights:

  • 2009 – Partnered with 360Training to magnify the delivery of educational products
  • 2003 – First practical internships for student graduates
  • 1994 – First on-line medical training courses on the Internet
  • 1992 – First electronic file transmission to medical providers
  • 1990 – First transcription company to use PCs and Word software
  • 1989 – TRIAGE Software design for patient information and accounts receivable system for Utah State
  • 1987 – First pilot program for Blue Cross, Medicare electronic claims/payment processing
  • 1985 – First to set up pilot program for outsourcing legal court hearing transcription
  • 1980 – Regional and National Coding Seminars
  • 1983 – Assisted and supported AAMT’s emergence, with one of the course authors having chaired Utah/Idaho Chapters
    (Now AHDI)
  • 1979 – Coding/billing contract State of Utah Department of Health
  • 1972 – Partnered with IBM to create stroke counters for typewriters
  • 1969 – First transcription company to provide outsourcing for transcription, then coding, and billing