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Founder Message

Jari davis Jari Davis, Founder – Jari commenced her association and gained experience in healthcare as a medical statistical coder-abstractor-reviewer and data processing coordinator for the World Health Organization (WHO) in the departments of obstetrics/gynecology, pathology and medical records at the University of Utah Medical Center. She trained staff and set up a complete program for abstracting, amalgamating, processing and reporting statistical medical information for the WHO and various NIH federal grants to the medical center. She co-developed the first tumor registry program in Utah. She served on the medical record chart quality review committee focusing on charting errors to teach medical students, interns and residents “the right way to chart.”

In 1969 Ms. Davis created Meditec, Inc., a medical transcription company providing out-source transcription services for hospitals and physicians, and remains its President and Chief Executive Officer. She then developed innovative systems for outsourcing dictation and transcription, management, and sales, and to refined training processes for medical transcriptionists.

In 1979, Meditec provided one of the earliest versions of online timeshare billing and patient management services to doctors and hospitals for remote applications. The company now added medical billing, coding, consulting and practice management to its services repertoire. Meditec’s exposure to this type of service and the various software deficiencies in its integral function ultimately led Ms. Davis to develop the schema for a complete patient information, tracking, accounts receivable and ad hoc reporting system, TRIAGE. The software Meditec developed was successfully used for existing Meditec clients and worked well for a complex several year development program with the Utah State Department of Health to track and bill for special needs patients as well as accumulating sufficient data to report to departments and legislators to aid in budgetary considerations. The Meditec software, TRIAGE, was a big hit and was subsequently sold to medical users with the aid of Meditec’s Business Partner, IBM.

In the early 1990s, a staff member of Meditec insisted the Internet would initiate very fundamental changes to the way the world worked, including online education and suggested the training be formalized and offered on the Internet. Though not entirely convinced, Ms. Davis authored the company’s educational training products to deliver online training protocols, and was born, one of the first companies to deliver online training on the Internet in 1994. Today, provides training programs such as medical transcription training, medical coding online, medical billing training, business related career courses, and legal training programs online. These training programs are used internationally and are considered cutting edge methodologies.

Ms. Davis was named Utah Businesswoman of the Year in 1977, became the first Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) in Utah in 1983, and subsequently chaired the Utah Chapter of AAMT. She was named Boss of the Year by the Utah Businesswomen’s Association in 1990.

In her spare time, she is a volunteer for CASA, a Guardian ad litem children’s program of the Juvenile Court System. She works with child victims of stressful homes, discovering potential programs, which might be of assistance, recommending to the Juvenile Court authorities a course of action specifically designed to assist and benefit the affected children.